Happenings around Home.

Oh dear, it seems like we have been busy, busy lately. But more than likely we are just still a bit wiped out from our long weekend away, and still recovering. It's a little weird how it sometimes feels like you need a vacation, from a vacation, isn't it? Or is it just me? Please say it's not only me.

Adri spent her birthday teething (figures). The good news is that we really didn't do anything, because we are planning on having a little party, up in Wesleytown, with my family, for her. So it's not as though her big day was ruined, or anything ;)

Speaking of Wesleytown. We (Adam had the day off, so he went too) were up there, yesterday, and got to visit with our dear friend Jasmine. Jasmine moved down south, about a year ago, so we were pretty excited to get to see her, and her seven children.

While there we checked on our plants, and watered our garden. So far we have tomatoes, eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, beans, and potatoes planted. And everything is still alive, and well--yay!

So. Today. Today is hot. The four youngest siblings are coming over to spend the day, and I think we'll head over to the park to hang out this afternoon-Adri loves the playground.

Tonight I have plans to go over and hang out with Julia. We're going to watch I Capture The  Castle. We've both seen it before (more than once), but it's such a good movie we both wanted to watch it again. So. Movie night!

Right now I'm drinking coffee. I have laundry to fold and put away, a house to clean, and dishes to wash. But I'm turning my head, and ignoring all that right now. For now it's all about the coffee ;)

As for the photos. Every now and then I find I have so many photos on my phone that haven't made it to the blog yet, and they all go into one long, random post.

Every day that I'm tired, she wakes early. And every day that I wake early, she sleeps in.
Such is motherhood. 

I found a few new recipes lately, and tried them out. Neither of us is a big fan of sweet stuff, but these cookie were really good!

This taco salad was to. die. for. Sooooo good.

I never miss my breakfast. Favorite meal of the day.

Another shot of Julie and Chad's wedding ceremony.

This little munchkin had so much fun playing in the water at Grandma and Grandpa's (Adam's parents).

Being all cute, and watching Grandpa cut the grass. 

My little pal, and best buddy.
(it's a bit blurry picture, but I still love it)

On hot days we pull out her baby tub, and put it in the livingroom, so she can splash around.

Another shot from visiting Adam's parent's place.

Hanging out with Grandpa.

After eating her birthday cake--she was a mess!

And lastly, a more recent family picture! Yay! 

And that's it. Have wonderful Thursday! 


  1. Cant believe shes a year already!:) yes,youre right,such is life. I hope you have a great movie nite with your sister. Try to rest when you can. Hugs, christina

    1. I know, it's crazy that she's so big right now, and WALKING! lol time really does fly by!

  2. Such a sweet post and I love the family photo :) Bless y'all ~


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