Father's Day Weekend.

 Wow. We had whirlwind weekend, but it sure was fun, and I hope yours was too!
Starting on Saturday, after work, I tried something new for dinner. Bacon wrapped steak, filled with ricotta cheese and spinach. It was SO good!
Sunday. We made Adam calamari for breakfast, and gave him gifts. Afterwards we headed out to town, to buy more gardening and fishing stuff for him, and wander around Lowes (because that's the kinda thing we do). Oh, and we got Father's Day milk shakes too ;)
Later we went down to the river to collect some rocks (Adam was changing out his fish tank, and wanted real rocks this time). Adri loved it there! She was wading around in the water and didn't want to leave.
Sunday afternoon we went up to Wesleytown, where Mama made a really nice dinner, and we all hung out.

There it is. Super busy, crazy, and  H O T (in the 90s) weekend!

Speaking of hot, Happy First Day of Summer! I'm so excited about Summer finally being here for real (tomorrow I'm sharing my Summer Bucket List), and have great plans for the next couple of months!

Now it's Monday. I have a busy day, and an even busier week ahead. On Thursday I get my wisdom teeth pulled out (boo-hoo), and that's going to knock me out for a couple days, I'm sure.
Today I have cleaning, and walking, folding laundry, and have baby to bathe. Yes, just normal life :)

How about you guys? Any big plans for the day? How was your weekend? 

p.s pictures are rather random. I wasn't very good about taking them this weekend, so they're just a bunch I pulled from Alice and the phone, that I took over the past couple days.


  1. Sounds like you celebrated Adam very well!

    I love seeing photos of your apartment home. You make it a special place for your family.

  2. Sounds like fun!!! I like calamari but have never attempted to make it. That steak recipe oh it sounds good! I always love seeing your pics. What a sweet babe!

    1. Yes, I used to only buy calamari, and then about 2 1/2 years ago Adam and I made it the first time and it was SO easy, and super good. Since then we've only always made it!

  3. Your photos are so cozy and warm looking. Lots of love!


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