After the weekend: rain, reading, and a shopping excursion.

What a busy weekend! Lets see, I'm not even sure where to start.  Saturday morning. It was SO stormy out, rain, and gray, and all that. 
We all woke up early, and I ran to the store quickly, before work to go grocery shopping. 

After work, we were supposed to go to a friend's house for a cook-out, but Adri was so tired, she passed right out, and slept for hours. So, so much for that ;) I ended up making a pizza, and we watched Supernatural, instead. 

Aforementioned, sleepy baby...she's so cute, how she likes to sleep on her side now. 

Sunday morning. Up early again. Julia, Adri and I packed up the car and headed off to the big city. I wanted to go to Kohl's since I had a coupon that really needed to used (yes, it really did!). 

One of those "mom" moments. When you have to stop trying on clothes, to nurse the baby.  I ended up finding a pair of jeans, that I love, and a ton of new tee-shirts. I really needed the shirts, all my pre-pregnancy ones no longer fit now ;)

Taco Bell for lunch! I even tried new stuff for a change, instead of my usual Crunchwrap.

Time for Target! The bear Adri found, at Kohl's, and would not set him down. So, I was a total pushover and bought him for her. Actually I really didn't mind, he was only $5.00, and all the proceeds went to helping kids fight cancer.  Oh, and his name is now Duck.

When at Target, one must take mirror pictures.

Family dinner up in Wesleytown. Mama made meatballs, pasta, and sauce. It was delicious.

Adri loved it too! Especially the broccoli! 

So, now it's Monday. And it's still gray, and wet, and rainy outside.
I have to head out in a bit to the doctor's (just a routine check-up for Adri), and up to Wesleytown for a short visit.
I'm making some yummy Terriyaki Chicken Lettuce Cups, for dinner tonight.
Adri is STILL asleep, but I'm going to wake her, to get ready to leave, if she doesn't wake soon...

Speaking of Adri. I got a bunch of Astrid Lindgren books in from the library, and she has a new favorite. Most Beloved Sister. We have read it about a hundred times so far (no kidding), and she loves the part where they eat pancakes.

Okay. Adri is up, so it's time for a bath for her, and more coffee for me. 

Have a wonderful Monday! 

p.s thank-you, for all your helpful, and creative ideas for a Father's Day gift for Adam! Now my challenge is going to be picking just one thing for him! 


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