A Snow White Inspired Baby Costume.

When a local photographer, who also happens to be a friend of mine, offered to do a photo shoot for Adri's first birthday, I excitedly said yes.
We talked a bit about what sort of theme I wanted, and I said of course it had to be fairytale something ;) We settled on Snow White, and then came my favorite part--sewing a little costume for Adri. I really loved the finished result, and even though she was so fussy that day, I loved how all the pictures turned out.
The dress was super simple. Just a small blue bodice, with gathered sleeves, and an open front, red skirt. Underneath is another little, yellow, sleeveless dress, that makes up the rest of the skirt.
The headband was just one from the $store, with red fabric over it, and a bow.

photo credit: Libby B. Photography.


  1. Adorable! She does look a little grumpy, but sweet nonetheless. Hugs


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