a peek at life lately+plans for our weekend.

Lots and lots of walks! The sun has been shining, and, if follow me on Snapchat, you'll see that the four youngest were over yesterday, and it was  h o t. Like 80 degrees hot. We went for a walk to the park, but came home almost immediately, because it was just a bit too warm to play. 
(what would we do without air conditioning??)

Adri had a blast! She took two of her balls (she's obsessed with balls)  and was walking everywhere, carrying them!  

Speaking of walks. Now she has to bring water with her, or juice to drink. And a favorite toy. And sometimes a favorite blanket.
Our morning strolls are basically turning into some sort or major exploration, in which we have to take half the house with us ;)

Lots of smiles and cuddles. Adri is such a lovey. She's always giving me kisses and hugs. Oh, and smiles. Lots and lots of smiles.

Reading. We read ALL the time. Every day, all day. I really don't mind though. I'm just so happy my baby loves to read as much as I do!

Heading out to run errands. She wears shoes now. And it's the cutest thing in the whole wide world (please ignore the dirty mirror, it's just a bit of real life for you ;)).

Sleeping. I think Midget is having a growth spurt. Her sleep schedule is all gone wrong lately, and we've had a lot of late nights, and a few long naps.  At least she's a super cute sleeping baby, when she does sleep.

Cold drinks. By now I think you all know how much I love making cocktails. Once a week or so, I make up some new one to try. Anything with citrus is usually a win.

Today we have a walk to take, a house to clean, plants to water, and floors to vacuum, dishes to wash, and a bay to bathe. So, busy Friday.

So, the weekend plans. We both have work (surprise, surprise), and it's Father's Day weekend! Tomorrow afternoon, after work, I'm planning on going swimming, for the first time this year--yay! 
Sunday Adri and I have gifts for Adam, and later we have a special dinner up in Wesleytown, for Dad. I'll make him calamari, because it's his favorite, plus, it's kinda what I do every year ;)

There it is! The weekend plans. Not a whole lot, but still, I'm sure it will fly by! 

p.s check back tomorrow, because I'm posting a recipe for these delicious, gluten free, chicken lettuce wraps! They're perfect for these super hot days that we've been having.