weekend moments.

On Sunday. Up in Wesleytown for dinner at my mom and dad's. Even though it was raining off and on, the guys shot guns, and the little girls played outside. We had a big ham dinner, and it was so nice to all hang out :)

The little sisters got creative and made place cards for the children's table. It was so super sweet. Even Adri (Wee Wee) got one! 

Happy smiles. Apparently Josie took off right before I snapped the picture!

On Saturday after I was done with work my man took me out for Chinese. Adri slept. the. whole. time. It was like we got a little mini date, without the baby, even though she was there the whole time ;) It was a lot of fun.

Every time I go to the buffet I always get the same thing. Seafood, mushrooms, a bit of chicken, more seafood, and sushi.
Without fail.
Every. Single. Time.

A few snapshots from Saturday night, playing poker at Julia and Stan Lee's new place. I love their place. It all sunny, open, and bright. It's pretty much just like being in a treehouse!

Now it's Monday. I came down with a bad cough/cold (it's been making it's way around here, and me getting it was kinda inevitable), so I'm not feeling the greatest right now. Plus, Adri decided to stay up until 11:45 last night. yup. You heard that right.
Sooooo, I'm drinking coffee, and trying to feel motivated. Maybe, if the rain stops (yes, it's raining) we'll go for a short stroll.
Other than that, I have laundry to wash, a kitchen to clean, plants to water, and a baby to cuddle. Oh, and work, later, of course.

Have a lovely Monday. 

Annnnd, I almost forgot! Happy May! 


  1. What a beautiful weekend, get well soon! Christina

  2. I always love seeing the table settings at your parents home. It's such a rare thing this day and time for families to gather around the table. It's a blessing to see families who still do. Your little sisters are really growing up :) Blessings to all ♡

  3. A lovely post. It's always nice to see pictures from your mama's place too! Love all the kiddos' smiles! Ewww....sushi? I just can't do it. Blech! haha!


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