spring style+movie recommendations+plans for the weekend.

I really do love this outfit. I wear it at least once a week, and I never get tired of it...which I guess is a good thing, huh?
Anyway. I got the skirt right after I had Adri, and wanted something comfy--seeing none of my regular clothes fit yet. I got the shirt right around the same time from Old Navy, and I love that too. I usual don't really wear too much gray, but somehow this all looks good together. So I guess I'll wear the gray and not care ;) 
Oh, and the sweater is another favorite one. Perfect for those days when it's a little bit chilly, but not cold enough for long sleeves.

The other day I watched two new (to me) movies. And I highly recommend both! Begin Again. It has Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, and Adam Levine. It's all about music. The soundtrack is so good I've been listening to it ever since watching the movie! 
The other movie is Brooklyn. The story of a young Irish girl, that moves to the promised land of America and her struggle to settle into her new life there. I especially love movies about immigration, seeing that's just what my relatives, wayyy back up the family tree did (I'm Irish on my dad's side). Anyway. If you get a chance to watch something this weekend, both of these are  great! 

Okay. So, our plans for the weekend. 

Our friends Julie and Chad are getting married! We leave today, when Adam gets home from work, and head up to his parent's (Julie and Chad live in the same town). The wedding is Saturday, and guess what? The whole wedding, ceremony and reception, is taking place on the farm where I used to work! Isn't that awesome? Besides being super excited about the wedding, I'm also really looking forward seeing my old stomping grounds, and my cows (I haven't been back there for a while).
On Sunday we are having a small early birthday party for Adri, with Adam's family (we'll have another down here, the following weekend, with my family). 

So yeahhhh. Busy, busy, busy. Lots of stuff going on this weekend, for us. 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 


  1. I can just imagine a wedding on a farm in May. I haven't ever been in that part of the country in springtime, but to be in the country, and celebrating a marriage... I've been to two weddings this month and they were festive and joyful! I hope you will post pictures after!

    1. Hi Gretchen,
      It was sooooo beautiful, a prefect day! It seems like everyone is planning weddings all around this time...we had to miss another one, that was on the same day, plus Adam's uncle is getting married next weekend!

  2. Enjoy it all! I'll have to check out your movie recommendations!

  3. i love the outfit and thank you for sharing the movies you recently just watched i was wondering if those were good cuz both the trailers looked pretty cute.

    1. Awww, thanks! And both movies are really good!


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