Picnic at the park+plans for the weekend.

Most Thursday afternoons the four youngest siblings often come over to hang out with me, while Mama does the weekly grocery shopping. Yesterday it was so nice out we decided to pack a picnic lunch (pasta salad, tuna sandwiches, chips and cole slaw), and walk over to the park and hang out for awhile.
The sun was shining, and it was really warm (almost 80 degrees!). We played on the slide and swings, ate food, and played P.I.G.

Today is wet and rainy, talk about random New York state weather! I'm going to take Adri over to the library for storytime soon, and Joe is coming over to hang out in a bit-he's still here visiting from Connecticut.

So far we don't really have any weekend plans. Most of the rest of the family is going to be gone, at a family friend's wedding on Saturday (Adam and I both have work), and it looks like it will be wet and rainy all weekend. Maybe a trip to the greenhouse? I do know for sure we have to go grocery shopping at some point (empty fridge!).
That's about it. No big plans, or anything. Just a nice quiet weekend, which is exactly what we needed :)

Have wonderful weekend!


  1. Looks like a delightful time! 80 & sunshine? I'm so jealous! :) Enjoy your weekend.


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