Lately. Here at Home.

I've discovered my new current favorite mixed drink. Whiskey, coke, and lemon. Served over ice. Mmmm.

Windows open and the breeze blowing. It's SPRING here, folks, and I am sooo happy. 

Big salads for lunch. I'm always trying new combinations, but sometimes all you need is one or two veggies, tossed in with the lettuce and it's basically perfect. 

Heading out on our walk, yesterday. We try to go for a long walk every day that the weather is nice. There is a big three mile walk that we take, and it goes passed a couple dairy farms. I find it awesome that about ten minutes of walking out of town we can be out in the country! 
Also, my baby looks like a super cute little boy, right here. That's fine with me though...I know it's just the clothes... ;)

Back home, after our walk. Passed out, dreaming away.  Am I the only person that is baffled by the fact that she can sleep in a brightly lit room? She doesn't need the curtains pulled down, or anything. I just toss her in there and she sleeps away...

Dinner the other night. Bacon wrapped asparagus, rice, and fish. Soooo good.

Daddy and Adri, Sunday afternoon, playing together. Adam HATES having his picture taken, so I was pretty pleased that I managed to snag a shot of the two of them.

Light on the walls. And my new picture, that Adam got me. I just love it. Also, that spot on the wall really was missing a piece of art.

Over the weekend I did manage to watch all of Downton Abbey. It ended so well! I'll miss that show though. While I was watching it, I kept thinking that now I have to go back and re-watch all the other seasons over again. Well, maybe...that's a lot of watching.

Okay, side note here. If you don't follow me on Instagram (rosiemaid), or Snapchat (annieryan87) you really should! I try really hard not to post repeats on social media, so things you don't see on the blog you'll get to see on those platforms (think: Adri walking, trips to town, apartment tours, and wayyy more pictures). Anyway, just wanted to let you all know, so you don't miss out on all the fun ;)

Have a wonderful Tuesday! The sun is shining here, and my house is spotless-for the moment. Today's plans are a nice long walk, some books to read,  trip to the post office, plants to water, baby to bathe, and laundry to wash! Yup, busy, busy around here.


  1. What a homey and yummy post all around! Your living room looks like a place to get comfortable and cozy and live in.

  2. I love whiskey with club soda -
    love seeing your new blog lay out - really gorgeous.


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