Friday links+plans for the weekend.

Hey, it's FRIDAY. And I am so happy. Seriously. This was the longggest week. Ever. 
Anyway. I'm back with some good links (I know, I know, I've missed a couple weeks!).

These two house tours. Basically this one is my place. But I REALLY like this one, and wish I was someone who could do the whole all-white thing. Ah, well. 
(side note. anyone else love Cup Of Jo as much as I do? It's one of my daily reads.)

As soon as Adri is walking for good (instead of this half crawl, half walk thing she has going on), I'm going to sew up a slew of these for her, for summer. They are soooo easy to make, and adorable too! 

 And, lastly. Books About Libraries, and Librarians Yes, please.

So. Our weekend. 

Today is storytime at the library, and grocery shopping. 

Tomorrow is our family annual Memorial Day picnic (early, because (almost) everyone is going to be gone, out of state next weekend. I'm pretty excited because little nephew Kieran, is going to be there. He lives in Wisconsin, and we haven't seen him in a long time. So, yay! 

Sunday I might go to church. Of I might just sit back and take things easy. Not sure. I'll just plan as I go ;)
Oh, and guess what? I have the last, final season of Downton Abbey (haven't seen it yet) to watch! So yeah....if anyone wants to know what I'l be doing in my spare time, they now know. 

Okay. That's it! Have a wonderful, weekend, and I'll be back on Monday! 


  1. The last season ends very well. Enjoy! Have a great weekend! Christina

    1. Christina, I loved it! It ended soooo well. Although now I'm sad that there is no more Downton :(

  2. I loved looking at these links...know what's funny? I like YOUR style on this blog. ;) LOL. I like a mix of vintage, bohemian-ish, farmhouse-ish, calm w/pops of color, and BOOKS, and ART. We are remodeling a new-to-us home and those are my inspirations. And whoa...that list of books is FUN! :D

    1. Awww, thanks, Amy. That's so sweet of you to say :) That's so great about the new house! I think that's the best way to go...get a house that needs work, and then fix it up to be the way you want it to be, with your style and taste!


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