after the weekend: friday through sunday.

Friday morning. 
I took Posie over for storytime at the library. She loves going there, and she really loved seeing, and playing with the other children (#currentlyanonlychild!).

Friday afternoon.
It was raining, and Adri was taking her long nap of the day. I put a movie in (An Irrational Man), and decided to bake a cake. 
Let it be known. I don't bake (other than bread). We don't really even eat sweet stuff.  So this was a pretty big deal. Oh, and we still have 3/4 of a cake in the fridge right now...

Awake from her nap. My blue-eyed baby.

Saturday morning.
Adam was at work. Adri and I woke early. I got the house cleaned, breakfast made, and all the plants watered. Adri played in her dollhouse. The sun was shining. Our town was having it's annual plant sale, at the firehouse. 
Adam came home, and I took off for work. 

Saturday afternoon. 
When I was done with work (at 1:30pm), we went out grocery shopping (you should have seen how bare the cupboards were!). 
We came home, Adam made his delicious meat loaf, and we watched Supernatural.

Sunday morning.
My breakfast. Leftover meatloaf, egg and cheese. On a bagel. 
Best thing. Ever. 

Late Sunday morning.
Julia, Adri and ran down to the $store, and then stopped at the greenhouse on our way back. It was pretty chilly out (they got SNOW in Wesleytown!), and, as everyone should know, wandering around in a warm greenhouse, on a cold day, is pretty much heaven ;)

Sunday afternoon.
I convinced Adam to go back to the greenhouse, this time with me. We bought some eggplants, a new baby succulent, and I got a rosemary plant.
We came home. Adam made mac and cheese, to go with a pork roast I had cooking in the crock-pot. We took naps, and then I went over to visit with Joe, Stan Lee, Julia and the four littles (everyone was at Stan Lee and Julia's place). 

Monday morning.
And now it's back to Monday. The sun is shining, and I have a bunch of cleaning to do. Adri was up at 3:30am this morning (she went back to sleep at 5:00am, and then woke up for good at 6:45am). Soooo, I'm lagging a little bit today. 
Other than cleaning, and work later, there's not too much planned for the day. 
Dinner is going to be steak, veg, and potato. Nice and simple :)

Okay, I'm off. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and Happy Monday! 


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