A typical day around here {our day, yesterday}.

So, I thought it would be fun to let you all see a little peek into our daily life around here. Minus me having a bad cold, of course. This is the way things generally play out on a "normal" (normal being a very relative word) day, here in our little world.

May 3, 2016.

7:20--I wake up, and immediately about 10 minutes later, Adri wakes up. We walk out to the living room, and I make coffee while she crawls around.

8:00--Adri eats a few Cheerios. I check emails, post the day's blog post, and catch up on a few of the blogs I follow.

8:30ish--I make breakfast for me, usually eggs of some sort, and Adri has a quick snack ;) Sometimes we wait on breakfast, but yesterday it just happened early. 

9:00--I clean the house, and Adri watches Baby Einstein. This is not deep cleaning, just a quick-ish run through, to tidy things up and wash the dishes. While cleaning I listen to NPR, and catch up on the outside world (not a fun thing these days..).

10:00--Adri goes down for her nap, and I put on Mostly Martha, but then fell asleep for a bit too (I was up a lot the night before, due to not being able to sleep).

 12:00--we both woke up (Adri has to have a bite to eat, of course), and then we went for a walk. I try to get out and walk every day, even if it's just around the block. This time after our walk we went to the playground. Adri loved all the dandelions!

1:30--back home. we play with toys and read books for awhile. I turn on Jewel, and we have a little impromptu dance party. Adri also has some more "milky" at this point.

2:30--Adam sends me a text and lets me know he's on his way home (he has an hour drive), and it's time to start dinner. Adri watches me, and eats another handful of Cheerios. We are still listening to Jewel...

3:30--Adam arrives home. We visit, and catch up on the day, while waiting for the food to finish. Dinner finally done (ribs, garlic mashed potatoes and peas), we watch an episode of Supernatural (yup, we're hooked on it right now).

4;30--I get ready for work, drink my fifth cup of coffee, gather up stuff to return to the library, and let Adri nurse before I leave at 5:00.

8:00--I get home and nurse Adri, she promptly falls asleep. Adam already has given her her bath and put p.js on her, so she's all set for the night.

8:30--I put Adri down in her crib. I pour myself a glass of wine, and Adam grabs a beer. We watch Supernatural until around 9:30, and then head to bed (Adam gets up at 4:00am for work).

There is is. Our day, yesterday. Of course things change all the time, but on a typical day, this is what it looks like. 

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  1. So fun reading this!! Love all the dandelions :) And I'm amazed that your hubby wakes up so early and when he gets home, you head off to work! Where do you work? So great that you both get to spend time with your sweet baby.


    1. Hi Katie,
      I work as a librarian, and since it's only part time, a few nights, and Saturdays, it works out pretty well for us :)

  2. Thankyou for sharing your day:). Adri sure is getting big,and that's a good picture of her in the dandelions! Lol. It's great that you and your man's schedules work together,and that you only have to work part time. A library job at that!:) Have a great day! Christina

    1. Christina, it does work out so well! We decided early on that other then family, we were not going to have a babysitter for Adri, and I was so happy when our schedules worked out that Adam could watch her while I was at work!
      Yes, I feel so blessed all the time that I'm able to be home all day with my baby, I know many mothers that wish they could be, and are not able to. I was working two jobs before and during my pregnancy, and Adam was out of work for most of it, and I remember being soooo worried about how we work things out, and what would happen when the baby came...and of course it all did work out fine in the end! lol
      Now Adam has a super good welding job, with an excellent company, and I'm able to work only part time (at a job I always wanted, that I really love!).


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