A Spring Bucket List.

After the bucket lists that I made for Fall and Winter (things that I would really like to do before that season ends), I decided that I definitely needed to write one out for Spring. 
Spring is, hands down. my favorite season. I love the heat and sunshine of Summer, but Spring has babies, birds, flowers, and new growth. So that makes it better ;) 
So, anyway, all that said, I love Spring, and I have whole lot of plans for this season.

This Spring my goals are:

+take lots of long walks.
+try and have fresh flowers in the house as often as possible.
+get some chickens.
+take Adri to the zoo.
+visit the farm museum,
+plant all our seedling {plant a garden}.
+have a few "unplanned" picnic dinners.
+visit the greenhouse more often.
+celebrate Adri's first birthday.

So far I've already started crossing off on "plant a garden" goal. We have some of the garden planted, and we are still working on planting more stuff.
Oh, and I'm having so much fun planning Adri's birthday party. We have a wedding we are going to Memorial Day weekend, so the following weekend we are going to be celebrating Adri's first birthday! I'm planning on having it pretty small, just our families, and we are having it outside at the park. Also, I'm making Adri her own little cake (she doesn't know about it yet ;)) so that should be fun. 


  1. Can't believe she'll be a year old, already! What a dolly!

    Our spring has been chilly and rainy overall. Not very conducive for spending time outdoors. But on those days when the sun is shining and the sky is so blue - I love being outside!

    1. Deanna, it's been pretty rainy here too, but the past couple of days we have had sunshine and it is SO nice! I really can't wait until its permanently warm out!

  2. I can't believe she will be a year old! Love the list! Christina

  3. Dear Rosie! This is a LOVELY idea! :) I cracked up at your "unplanned" picnic dinners...there is always a wee bit of planning for mom, eh?! :)

    1. hehehehe, yes, definitely everything has to be sorta planned when there is a baby involved!

  4. May all your plans come true....I cannot believe Adri is a year old, nearly, already!

    1. Thank-you! And I can't believe it either! Time has just flown by!


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