A blanket for Adriana Rose.

Years ago (I think it was about five, now) a dear friend gifted me with a bunch of wool. Not just any wool. Wool made from New England sheep, and different colors of it-dark blue, light blue, deep purple. pink. I promptly started knitting away, and made many (many) pairs of socks, shawls, etc out of it.  

But not all of it. I set aside the beautiful light blue. That was for my baby blanket. No, I wasn't pregnant, nor planning on being anytime in the near future (I wasn't even in a relationship at the time!). But still, I started knitting. And I kept knitting, on and off, for about three/four years, slowly, a little bit at a time. 

I knew there would be a baby to cover with it, some day. And I was right. When I found out I was expecting, and then found out it was a her, a baby girl, I knew. I knew that was the little person I had been busy knitting that blanket for, all along.

Now my baby is turning one. And her blanket is finally finished. That blanket I started so long ago, back when she was just a some-day-thought. 

And the blue matches her eyes perfectly. 


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