Spring in Wesleytown.

As most of you know Wednesday is my running errands/visit to Wesleytown day. Yesterday I took Alice (my camera) with me, and took a slew of pictures during the day. Just around-the-home, as-everyone-was-hanging-out-pictures. 

So here it is. A spring day with Mama, and the (not so little!) Littles.

Pictures include: reading//small houses made outside//clearing out the gardens//green grass//wood piles//laundry on the line//baby snuggles//more reading//play things//mama's back porch greenhouse//more baby love//and never too many books.


  1. I always enjoy pics of Wesleytown. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely! The girls are growing up! So sweet to still see their little girl faces in their big girl faces! Love the last book case!

    1. Hi Deanna! I know, I feel like Aimaija has changed so much in just the past month or so. She's starting to really look older now!

  3. As always, such beautiful, cozy photos, Rosie! Have a great weekend!


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