Plans for the weekend+photos from my phone.

Hey, it's Friday! However, for me, since I have to work tomorrow morning, the weekend will not officially start until Saturday afternoon ;)
Anyway, our plans for the weekend. Wesley, Claire, and their littles are all up to stay at their house here in New York for the next few weeks. And I believe Joe is coming up at some point as well. Soooo, this weekend is family, family, family. Tonight the older siblings are all coming over to our place to hang out (I'm making a roast chicken). Saturday night is poker night at Julie and Stan Lee's new place (yeahhhh, Julia moved out of our building, and across the park from me. Don't worry...I can still see her new place from my front windows ;)). Sunday will be family dinner up in Wesleytown at my mom and dad's.

So yup. Lots of family time.

Speaking of family. Here's a link again to Julia's blog, and one to Wesley's websiteas well. They are both excellent photographers, and have many beautiful pictures on their sites. 

Also, the 30% off sale I have going on in the shop ends this weekend. So if there is anything you've been eyeing, you only have a couple days left! (just use coupon code SPRING2016 when you checkout).

As for the photos. Every so often I find that I have wayyyy too many photos on my phone (all far too cute to not put on here), and, consequently, I have to make a nice big photo dump and just upload them all. Anyway, here you go. A bunch of fun, random stuff.

Have wonderful weekend!

Adri, reading books and wearing her bonnet made for her by Auntie Claire.

Some our pepper seedlings.

Hanging out with my sidekick.


 My busy desk.

Sunday dinner up at Wesleytown.

My little pal, busy playing.

Every evening Adri and Adam come over to hang out for a bit at work with me, and then walk me home. She loves playing with all the toys at the library! 

A chilly Wednesday morning. Coffee, plants in the window, and lots of plaid.

picture above, and all the pictures below: 
We were getting ready for our walk, and Adri was being soooo cute. She had me cracking up.