Morning routine.

I'm a morning person, and so is my baby. I used to not be, but after many (many, many) morning milkings, I finally came to appreciated a sunrise over a sunset ;)

Anyway, I thought I'd share here a little glimpse of how our morning starts. If you are a fellow early riser (or not!) and have some other helpful/happy morning routines please feel free to share. I'm always open to hearing advice!

1. We wake up, and before getting out of bed Adri usually has her "morning milky". This seems to put her in a good mood, and we get some cuddles in ;) 

2. Then we send a good morning text to Daddy (usually with a picture), and I'll check Instagram. Adri loves to look at all the pictures of babies on my IG feed.

3. Then Adri gets a quick diaper change, and we move out of bed to the livingroom.

4. Adri plays on the floor and go and make my coffee. While waiting for the coffee I usually clean up the kitchen from the night before, unless I didn't work the night before, because usually the kitchen is clean then (on nights I work I never bother to wash dishes or anything).

5.Then, Adri (sometimes, not all the time) watches an episode of Baby Einstein, and I'll check emails, moderate blog comments, and read a few of my favorite blogs, while drinking my coffee.

6. After all that (maybe thirty-ish minutes) we move to the kitchen. I'll make our breakfast eggs, Adri eats a little "big person food" and we listen to NPR.

7. If it's nice out we go for our walk before number 6. Adri takes her morning nap when we go for our walk, so if it's not too cold we really try to get out there right away.

So. There it is! Not that our mornings always go as planned. In fact, often they look very different than that. But anyway, this is always the goal, right?

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