Lately. Here at home.

Reading good books

My horse collection. I'm pretty proud of all those ;)

Sunshine, everywhere.

Sunday afternoon project.

All done! I love having a coffee table again!

Seedlings, growing and growing.

Salads, all the time for lunch.

A "Ponyo" supper. Ramen, veggies, meat, and egg.

Knitting away.

A view of an Amish house, on my way home from Wesleytown last week.

That face is my favorite. 

I so love all these photos. I really couldn't pick just one. Aimaja was carrying Adri on her back, and it was the cutest stinkin' thing. EVER. 

Adam's kitty, Porkchop. Just hanging out with some of the seedlings, enjoying the sunshine.


  1. I love reading about your quiet happy days with your babe:) I am in the midst of a crazy house move, and seeing your beautiful everyday photos is very relaxing. I trust I will get back to all that soon:)

  2. I love the photos! If you have Netflix, there's an anime called "Silver Spoon" that I think you guys would like...the main character names one of the pigs "Pork Chop". It's great!! :)

  3. Just beautiful photos. I love your curtains.


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