Our week. Adventures at the greenhouse.

All the above photos are from our trip to the greenhouse on Sunday. I had a gift certificate (that I got from work), so of course I had to use it!
We wandered around for a little while, and then finally set about picking out plants. I got some herbs (lavender, thyme and parsley) and a few succulents. Adam bought more pots, for transplanting our seedlings (if you've been following along on Snapchat, you've seen how they're growing!).
Adri loved it there. She was helping me smell all the leaves on the tomato plants, and the herbs.

My sleeping angel baby. She took a really nice long nap, Sunday afternoon, and I was able to get a bunch of cleaning done (yay!).

The big pots are holding my little lavender plants. The other plants are some of the new succulents I got.

Adam has been busy transplanting our seedlings.

Waiting for Daddy (we had the car for the day on Monday).

I really just couldn't help but post a picture of breakfast, from yesterday.  Spinach+mushrooms+bacon+onions+eggs+cheese= best breakfast. EVER.

Okay, that's a wrap! There's our weekend.
We've been busy lately. Now that the weather is nicer, we're back to our daily walks, and then there has been work. Adam has been trying to work overtime, and I've been working a few extra hours at the library, here and there. Overall I guess life has just been very, very, full lately.

Now it's Wednesday. I've been doing laundry (three whole loads!), and got the house cleaned, and the sheets on the bed changed. However, I still have no idea what's for dinner. Hmmm, I need to fix that soon.
Anyway, have a lovely rest of the week!

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