after the weekend: a spring snowstorm.

Okay, can we talk for a minute about the crazy spring weather New York has? This year has been so nice and warm, even all through December and January, then, all of the sudden, yesterday morning, it started snowing. And it hasn't stopped. Yep, we have lots and lots of snow outside our windows, and it's cold out.
This is crazy, people. Really, really crazy, and I'm not happy about it.
(this is not unheard of though, I've posted around here before about April and May snowstorms).

Anyway. Due to (mostly) the snow, we had a pretty laid back weekend. We both worked on Saturday morning. I made a Hawaiian pizza, and we watched 11-22-63 (anyone else watching that right now?) and that was about it.

On Sunday we woke up to all that snow! Daddy slept in, and Adri and I went and had coffee with Auntie Julia (one of the awesome things about living in the same building as your sister!).
Adri took a nap and then we bundled up and went shopping. The roads were terrible! It was a good thing we only had six miles to drive to the store!
We came home and threw a nice big beef roast (with carrots, onions, tomatoes,and potatoes), in the crock-pot, for dinner.
Adam played video games, Posie played, and then slept, and I read.

My little sweetheart was teething so badly, allll weekend. So in between everything, we kinda just spent time cuddling, and she took a couple bathes, and two nice long naps.

This was super cute. Adam was in starting seedlings, and mixing dirt, and little Miss Snoopy came in and wanted in on the fun! I realized after a few minutes (seeing how excited she was about it) that Adri had never played with dirt! She had sooooo much fun! I am a firm believer that nice, clean dirt is a good, healthy thing, and was more than happy to let my child play with it ;)

We stopped at the feed store while we were out, and had to look at the baby chicks. We were seriously tempted to bring some home..."we could fit them in the apartment, right?" and, "it wouldn't be that hard, would it?" and, (trump card) "look how much Adri loves them!".

...don't worry, we left them all there...

So, there is our weekend! Sorry for all the baby spam pics, I really just literally gather everything that on my phone and camera, from the weekend, and post them. So it's always a bit random collection.
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Annnd, I'm on Sanpchat, too, if you'd like to find me there, as annieryan87.

Okay, well, it's Monday, and I have work tonight, so I'd better get another cup of coffee. I don't really have any plans for the day, other than reading, cuddling my baby, cleaning, and making dinner (I think it's going to be quiche, but I'm not 100% sure yet ;)).

Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. sounds like a lovely weekend together..
    she is growing up so quickly..

    1. It was a nice weekend, Lulu. I when we just take things easy and spend time together! :)

  2. She is so cute! My kids are home from school today -- snow day -- we are cozy in the house watching Willie Wonka. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks, Shanda! I was just thinking about Wille Wonka the other day! I haven't watched it in way too long. Which version did you guys watch?

  3. When winter days come, even if it's in springtime, the best thing is to make the most of it and cuddle down as you are doing! I'm curious about what the seedlings are, and where they will be planted, if you are in an apartment... I've been playing in the dirt this week myself. :-)

    1. That what we have been trying to do, although I'm pretty disappointed about all the snow out there :(
      As for the seedlings. We are in the process of house hunting, and hopefully we have (and are moved into) our new place by planting time. If not then we'll just plant them up in Wesleytown, at my mom and dad's place.

  4. Oh sorry about the snow lol. That's good,maybe adri will love to garden! How neat for yall to live in the same building as your sister. Fun times and a babysitter! Lol. Have a good nite at work. Christina

    1. Yes, Christina, I love living in the same building as Julia. Sadly, however, she is moving out! It's only right across the green (I can see her new place out our windows), but still, I'll miss our morning coffee :)

  5. Rosie,
    We watched the Johnny Depp version for the first time and loved it!

  6. We got the same kind of weather here! I couldn't believe when I woke up to snow Sunday morning! Sounds like you made the best of a blustery day!


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