Writing down.

+Reading: Wildwood. It's soooo wonderful. I've been wanting to read it for quite some time, but I just haven't (and really don't have a good excuse why not). Anyway. I've finally getting around to it, and I LOVE it.

+Watching:all the Haley Mills movies. I'm not really sure what brought it on, but they just give me the best feeling.

+Creating: a list of all my plans for the day. 

+Eating: at this moment I'm eating breakfast. Eggs, leftover meatloaf and potatoes. Lunch is lentil stew and bread. Dinner is oven fried chicken, cauliflower, and some sort of potato, or rice.

+Making: remember the collage that I made of Adri's baby pictures? I'm now making one of Adam and I. 

+Thinking: that I really want Winter to end. I need some more sunshine, heat and swimming! 

+Loving: the new irish cream coffee creamer I just got. It's in my mug with my coffee right now. 

+Planning: on what needs to be done today. Laundry, bathe baby, send out package at post office, etc.

+Looking forward to: Easter! It's Adri's first and I'm pretty excited about it. Any good ideas for celebrating Easter with a baby that is too young to really care about it, and not able to eat candy?


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