Oh, happy day! {Adriana Rose Turns Nine Months Old}

This has been a Happy Day. The reasons why being as follows:

#1 the sun is shining (a rare thing during winter in upstate New York).
#2 it's almost Wednesday. Which is half-way through the week.
#3 the Wee One and I took a trip up to Wesleytown, and saw Mama and the littles for a short visit.
#4 dinner is going to be particularly yummy tonight. porkchops, stuffing, mashed potatoes and baked acorn squash.
#5 hey, it's the first of march
#6 (best of all!) Adri turns NINE months old today! 

At nine months old Adri can crawl like a champion. Walk along furniture. Wave goodbye. Knock on doors, and say "dadda",  and "kitty".
She loves to eat. Her favorite food is currently pears and pineapple. and avocados. 
Her favorite thing to do is read. She loves to sit just looking at her books, or on someone's lap, being read to.
She still loves watching Baby Einstein, long walks, cuddles, playing around on the bed, and sleeping (she still sleeps a lot).
She also loves routine. We have the same morning schedule everyday (rise, diaper change, cuddles and coffee, washing dishes, reading stories, etc.), and she loves it. She a total morning person, and is happiest early in the day, always waking with a smile and giggles.

She's the sweetest, gentlest, talkative, happiest, cutest, most lovable little person I've ever met. 

Our precious little angel-baby :)


  1. Hi! To those of us who read your beautiful blog, she has grown up right before our eyes too! She is so adorable, and it's been fun watching her grow and change. Nine months really is a milestone when they are little. Cherish every moment . . . they go by quickly!

  2. She sure is an angel.
    I love to read about how you all are doing <3
    I am proud of you! And all the while, looking to you for inspiration and advice because of your spirit of strength and reasoning!
    I love you Annie

  3. I can't believe how fast 9 months has gone! How can it be?! Your little girlie is adorable! Enjoy your week!:)

  4. Hi Barb, I know, it's gone by so fast for us as well! She is so big, and every day she learns something different. As much as I love her growng older, I'm starting to miss my little baby :(

  5. Awww, Jules. I love you :) You really are the best. We got the wedding invite yesterday---I can't wait for May 28th!!! ox

  6. Christina, I know, it seems like yesterday that she was born! Time really does fly by!


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