Merry March.

So we are finally in March! Which, seeing the warm weather we have had so far, really isn't saying much. But, still, it's March. This month not only do we have St. Patrick's Day coming up, but also Easter. Am I the only one that's baffled by Easter in March? Huh. It just seems weird to me.
Today it's snowing out. It's still warm, just also snowing.
Last night I cooked up two acorn squash, mashed and froze them. It'll be a nice something to pull out of the freezer in a couple months (squash is a favorite around here).
Later I have to take a quick trip to the post office, and then there is work. But for now, since The Wee one is currently taking her nap, and I'm planning on curling up with a second cup of coffee, and finishing the Fellowship of The Ring.

Have a lovely day.


  1. We love squash too. What a great idea! I'm from idaho,but I live in texas. One time I was at a farmers market here,and I told a friend I had never tried fried squash. I think everyone in the store turned around and looked like they couldn't believe that! Lol. Have a great day!:) Christina

  2. Love all the COLOR in your photographs! <3

  3. Very colorful, very lovely photos!


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