Easter 2016


What a wonderful weekend. Saturday Adri visited the Easter Bunny, and we dyed eggs. Sunday we gave her her Easter basket. For some reason I had a super hard time thinking of stuff for a nine month old's basket. I finally settled on a stuffed toy, new ball, tons of little plastic eggs (she's really into those right now), and candy (for mommy and daddy). She slso got a new little wooden chair that was just her height, and we had a big breakfast, complete with homemade cinnamon buns, hard boiled eggs, sausage and fruit salad.
This year we had so few people for Easter dinner. All the littles were gone (two on a missions trip, and two with Julia in CT). So, it ended up being just mom and dad, Stan Lee and our little family. And boy, did it feel strange! We had a really great time though. Eating lots of ham, mashed potatoes and asparagus, and an afternoon walk later on.

Now it's raining today. And Adri has a bad cold, and is begging me to pick her up (that's real life behind the screen for you!). I foresee lots of cuddling and left-over-ham-eating in this day's future.

I hope everyone had lovely Easter.
Happy Monday!

p.s there are new page links on the sidebar. two are sewing projects, and the other is a few of my favorite spaces on the web. feel free to check them out!