after the weekend//trip to Connecticut.

What a busy, but fun weekend! We did sooooo much, and I took so many photos! For the record, it was C O L D the whole time. So, if we look like were freezing, it was because we were! 
Anyway. On to the visit.


My driving buddy (+Julia, but I didn't get a pic of her).

Arriving at Wesley and Claire's. Wee Wee was teething and fussy most of the time, but she did like her cousin Josie (and that kitty!).

Josie and Maggie.

Leaving to go to the ocean.


The river next to Wesley and Claire's.

I really miss that water.

Mercy was also visiting Joe for the weekend, so we got to see her too! 


At the fish store, buying lobster. Of course.

At Wesley's new co-op that he's starting (with a few other people). It such a great idea. It's basically shared space, and tools, and knowledge. 
Although they did have their kickstarter, they haven't opened their doors yet. That's happening in a couple weeks.

Saturday night, playing poker.

Sunday is donut day.

Out at the diner for breakfast. 

I got this wonderful greek omelet. It had black olives, feta cheese, swiss chard, tomatoes and bacon in it. Adri got a fruit cup :)

We went to the St. Patrick's Day parade. Josie and Maggie were in it with their girl scouts. 
Joe and Mercy weren't with us at this point, so we just got a picture of James, Wesley, Julia and me.

(Adri's new little stuffed "oliphant")

After the parade Julia and I made out way home. It was a wonderful trip, but there's nothing like coming home again.

And now I have to unpack, and wash a lot of laundry.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. So glad yall had a good time! The girls are sure growing up fast since I've been reading your blog. :) Does your Norwegian sister in law still blog? I sure miss your mom's posts! Thanks for sharing! Christina

    1. Hi Christina. Yes, they are all big now! No, Aslaug is currently not blogging anymore.


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