after the weekend/sunshine and another walk.

We had such perfectly lovely weather this weekend. Warm and sunny. Adri and I went on a nice long walk on Saturday, and then on Sunday, after our weekly grocery shopping we took a little family walk at our local nature center. 
Sunday afternoon I got a ton of deep cleaning done. I opened windows and let the fresh air and sunshine flood in. I watered plants, deep cleaned the bathrooms, and washed windows. Now it just feel so nice and clean and orderly in here. A good deep cleaning was LONG past due :) 
While I cleaned Adam started some seedlings. He has high hopes that we find house and move in in enough time to start have a garden this year. He says he's going to at least have all the seeds started so he can plant everything right away :)
I got a bit more knitting done on Adri's baby blanket--I'm almost done with it, there's just one ball of yarn left! 
Today it's raining outside. I'm drinking coffee, and planning out my week (something I sit down and do every Monday). 
Today I have a few errands to run, and Adri and I might run up to Wesleytown for a very short visit. 

Have a Happy Monday! 

(I said, "let's take a family selfie." he said "nooooo, I don't wanna be in a picture". this was the result! lol)