A letter to my baby.

Dearest Adri, 
Sometimes I wish you knew just how much joy you bring to your mommy and daddy. And not just to us, but also to the many people in your little life that love you dearly.  
You have the sweetest little personality. You giggle, and smile, and talk all the time. Sometimes just listening to you laughing makes me start to crack up. Your enthusiasm for life is infectious. 
You have a stubborn streak (you get it from both your parents), but I'm sure, if channeled in the right direction, it will prove to be a very useful trait. 
These past couple months have been such important ones in your little life. You have learned so very much in such a short time. You have started to see so much more of the world, taking more in, and interacting with more. You are wayyy more mobile, cruising around, exploring, touching , and tasting everything in sight. 
You love people so much. You love to visit with them, and always have a smile. 
You dance/bounce to Baby Einstein, when the puppets start dancing. 
You now have four whole toothers, with a fifth rapidly making it's appearance. 
You are now trying to say "mama". You're just not quite there yet. I can't wait for that day.
Some of the best mornings of my life have been recently. Cuddling with you on the couch in the wee hours of the morning, when you couldn't sleep because of the pain you had from toothies coming in. Those were such special moments. Just you and me, curled up together. I'll look back and treasure those times.

Oh, Adriana Rose. You are just a perfect, wonderful, special, gentle little person. You are the best thing in my life, and in your daddy's life. 
And you are loved. So very loved.


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