Wednesday's plans and ponderings.

I'm sitting here, bleary-eyed, holding onto my coffee cup for dear life. What would we do without coffee? Sigh. I really don't know. Anyway, the Wee One took a half hour nap at 8:30 last night. The result? She stayed up until almost 12:00 midnight. Oh, well. Now you know the reason for the coffee...
Rain is pounding down outside right now. Lot's of it. And I really don't mind one bit. I'll take rain over snow any ole' day.
My plans for today? Well, I really don't feel like doing anything except knitting, and finishing this book (I love it!). However, I do have to go out and run a few errands at some point, so I'm sure I'l be bundling up Adri and doing that shortly. It's much better to go out take care of business, and then come back, and relax, I say.
These pictures? They are from my trip to Norway, six (six??? wow) years ago. I recently re-found them and spent the afternoon looking though, and editing them. You can see more here.

Just like that we are in February. I like the month of February. It's short, sweet (Valentines Day and all), has four birthdays in it (Adam's, my little sister's, my mom's and mine), I get my taxes back (yay!), and after February comes March, and after March comes April, and April means S P R I N G.

So I'm off, to finish coffee, my book, and then run errands. Happy Hump Day!

p.s someone asked for the link to Julia's blog. You can find it here.


  1. Wow, six years ago! I remember when you went. Very nice photos.

    Rain here too today, and I am with you - ready for spring!

    Enjoy your coffee and book and Posie!


  2. Beautiful photos! I would love to travel to Norway!

  3. Lack of sleep is the HARDEST part of being a mother, for me. Coffee is SOOOO lovely, isn't it?! :) Love your photos and I've read Tractor Wheels also and it was cute! You should try her Mocha Frosting if you haven't...I put that stuff on EVERYTHING. To.Die.For. ;)

  4. I love coffee! Brr! I really like watching the Pioneer Woman,and my family likes most of her recipes! I know we are having budding on the trees,and green shoots springing up in the ground here. I cannot wait for warner weather! Enjoy your day:) Christina

  5. Thanks for Julia's blog. Always nice to see her pictures.


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