Sniffles and Seafood Chowders.

 It's Thursday. I woke up to sunshine and birds singing, and it felt like spring out there. So wonderful. Way too good to be only the beginning of February.
So far today I've paid bills, done laundry, and cleaned things up. The four youngest are over spending the day with me, and that means we always watch a few episodes of Gilmore Girls.
So, I have a cold. I hate colds, and for some reason they love me, I seem to have one continuous one that always lasts all winter. Anyway, I've been drinking lots of tea, and warm lemonade.
Later tonight, once Adam is home, and my visitors are gone, I have a staff meeting at work, and then (thanks to wonderful sisters!) Adam and I are going to order a pizza, watch a movie, and have a little in-house date night.

The photos:
Adri's baby blanket, that's almost done//I finally put together my new drying rack (really love that thing), with the help of my little over-eager buddy (she managed to whack her head, drop the screwdriver on her, and other such things, in the process of "helping" me)//and my new batch of kombucha. I haven't made any since I left Vermont, and I'm so excited. If you've never had it, you're missing out, people.

Somebody (sorry, I don't remember who) asked for my seafood chowder recipe, so, here you go!

Fish Chowder.
4 large potatoes, peeled and diced.
1 med. onion diced.
3 stalks of celery, chopped.
1 cup frozen corn.
1/2 of sea scallops. cut into easy bite sized pieces.
1/2 a pound(we love our bacon)of bacon, fried.

 2 (more or less) cups of whole milk.
salt and pepper (to taste).

To make:
start by boiling the potatoes (barely cover them with water). when potatoes are almost done, add corn and scallops. cook until the corn is heated, and scallops are no longer pink. 
saute onion and celery in butter. add to chowder.
add bacon.
Add milk, and salt and pepper. 
Serve with crusty bread. 


  1. That would be me! Thank you sooooo much for posting the seafood chowder recipe :) I love the pics and curious about the drying rack...mine is on it's last leg and very rickety. I use it daily, it sits in front of the wood stove....I have been looking into purchasing another, so wondering about your girl is really starting to become curious, such a little doll. Kombucha is divine :) Have a blessed week and I do hope your cold will fly the coop :)


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