plans for our weekend//link list.

Hey, it's Friday! And I'm back with some good links.

But first, our plans for the weekend.
Actually, we really don't have anything too exciting planned. I have work on Saturday. And laundry. And a trip to the grocery store.
Adam has a super bad chest cold, so I think he's just going to relax and try to recover from it before Monday rolls around.
In a little bit Adri and I are heading over for storytime at the library. And I'm going to get dinner underway at some point. Its been raining ALL week, and then this morning we awoke to snow! Not a lot, but still, SNOW.

{yesterday was Mama's birthday. every year, either for Mother's Day or her birthday, I sew her a new apron. This year I had that pretty fabric above (it's sturdy too!), and, as always, I made it in the Japanese Kitchen style, her favorite}

Anyway, the links.

+I'm always looking for new reading material, and here's 11 books that will hook you from the very first line.  I'm going order a few in from the library.

+I used to never eat breakfast. And then I found out not only how good it is, but how important. Now I never miss it.  But when you're in a hurry, and running late for work, how do you fit breakfast making in? Here's 15 Breakfasts In 15 Minutes. 

+Helpful hints to keeping things organized if you have a big family.

+I was over at Cup Of Jo, and read this. It's a really good question, how much sleep do you need? I know for me I need a good solid eight hours (or more). If I don't get that I become a walking zombie.
Also, I'm a morning person, and Adam is a night owl, but since he has to rise bright and early for work we are currently (including baby) on the same sleep schedule.

+speaking of Cup Of Jo, I spent wayyy to much time over there, yesterday, looking at apartment
 tours. Really, though, there are some b e a u t i f u l apartments, and great ideas for living in small spaces!

Have a lovely weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday! 


  1. Great links! Have a stellar weekend.

  2. What a beautiful fabric for my mom's apron! A great gift idea! <3


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