Lately: February notes.

  • lots of good books. and lots of tea.
  • lack of sunshine, and lack of warmth.
  • lots of knitting and very little sewing.
  • still working on my wooden sign.
  • eating way too many carbs, and really not caring one bit.
  • drinking coffee with tons of cream.
  • cleaning, and then re-cleaning.
  • long soaks in the tub for Wee One.
  • running in a panic after my now crawling/walking/standing babe (do they ever stop giving mommy mini heart attacks?)
  • watching way too much t.v, and although it should bother me, it's really not ;)
  • reading, reading, reading.
  • Tiny riding on Daddy's shoulders.
  • sending cards to loved ones.
  • snow, snow, snow.
  • cold wind.
  • candles burning.


  1. We just finished "From the Mixed Up Files." The kids LOVED it! Is that an ALF cookie jar!? Flashback!

  2. I love this! Newsy posts! :) We are having too much screen time and I actually hate it ;)...but the lure of the "electronic babysitter" does draw me like a siren especially during dinner prep time. :P I recently read somewhere about Nash poetry...something new for me to check out soon. :)

  3. Hi Deanna, yeah, I've been working at keeping a good attitude. It's kinda starting to get (as it always does) kinda old around here. The snow and cold weather, etc...
    But we we're excited about spring! (and Adri's first birthday--can you believe she's almost 9 month old? crazy!).

  4. Good books and tea, love it!:) when does spring come there? Christina

  5. Amber, YES, it is! We both, and LOVE ALF, and collect a lot of ALF memorabilia. We found the cookie jar at our little thrift store for $5.00. When we got home I looked it up on ebay, and as far as I could find, there are only TWO of them on there! We we're SO excited to have found it!

  6. Amy, I know what you mean. I kinda gave up for awhile on trying to not watch as much tv. I know that it's only something that is due to the weather, and so I'm cutting myself a little slack ;)
    Also, you really should check out Ogden Nash's poetry, it's really good!


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