last week and our weekend. (taking a little trip).

I'm back again, after a much needed self-imposed blogging break! Really though, after that bad cold, lack of sleep and all that, I just need to take things easy for a bit. 
Anyway, what a week! We celebrated Adam's birthday last Tuesday. Adri and I made him a cherry cheesecake, and a nice dinner, and sang happy birthday. We got him a new fishing pole and some fishing stuff for his gift. My birthday was on Friday, and my man surprised me with a tablet! It's been getting a lot of use the past couple of days ;)

We took a little trip and spent the weekend away, just the three of us (we did the same thing last year). A hotel with a swimming pool, dinner out (steak and lobster), visiting this incredible place, a few thrift stores, and just relaxing. We had a wonderful time, despite the fact that it was SO cold.

Now we are home again. I don't have work tonight (President's Day!) and we are just cuddling (Wee Wee and me) and taking things easy. I have lavender essential oil burning, and Adri is watching Baby Einstein. Both dishes and laundry are waiting to be washed. Dinner tonight is pollock fillets, roasted cauliflower, and baked potatoes. 

Happy Monday!

Finally our snow is here!

The best roast cauliflower recipe I have found yet.

Adam's birthday cheesecake (recipe found here).

My little pal.

Just as I had barely gotten used to her crawling, the WALKING started!

Getting ready to leave.

We made it to the hotel!

Outside the window.

Early morning baby joy.


Above and below: pictures from our tour of the 1890's House. This was our second time touring a house (remember Lucknow?), and it's kinda becoming our "thing". I forgot the bring Alice in, so the phone pictures will have to do. Sigh.

At the steak house. I got this "Strawberry Bliss" drink, and it was super good. Adam was boring and just got beer ;)
It was Adri's first time in a high chair, and she loved it. She was sooo big the whole time, until right at the end, when she stuck one of her (rubber) spoons down her throat and then started wailing.

Now, we are back home, and just a tiny bit wiped out (the photo is from the other day, but you get the general idea!).


  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. My kids love it when we stay in a hotel. It's funny to me, but they just think it's one of the best things ever!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you had a wonderful break! Sometimes that's just what you need. Beautiful pictures of the house,and your family. Sweetness! Happy birthday to you both. May you have a blessed year! Christina

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. What a grand house to go through. Love historical houses. The little one always looks so happy.

  4. Hi Amber, I totally am with your kiddos--I love staying at hotels! lol

  5. Deanna, it was sooo nice to just get out of our little town for a short while and go exploring!

  6. Hi Christina, it was JUST what we needed, and it was so relaxing. Also, thank-you for the birthday wishes :)

  7. "simply made country life" (I'm so sorry, but I don't know your name!), the house was so much fun to go through, we love touring old houses! and the Wee One is almost always happy, and smiling. I told Adam the other day that we might have a problem--shes almost nine months old and has no stranger danger! lol

  8. Walking????!!!!! HOlY CRAP. No way!! By the way, I love the pics of that house, especially the nice stained glass and the piano room. Looking at homes sounds like a cool past time. And your cherry cheesecake? Drooling!


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