Friday Links.

So here we go, as usual, our Friday links!

+The best homemade pizza dough. Yum.
+8 things to blame on pregnancy. I laughed--this is soooo true! 
+top ten fermented foods...I need to make some sauerkraut. 

+How to clean a cutting board. I've done this before and it really does work!
+I can't wait until we have a yard and are able to have ducks (and chickens)-both for the eggs and for the meat.
+cheddar bacon loaf. I'm making this over the weekend at some point! 
+this party. don't know if I'd do it for a birthday, but maybe something like this for next Halloween?

We really don't have any plans for the weekend so far. There's work for both of us, shopping (we need to grab some groceries) and church.
It's going to be warm so maybe we'll go for a hike some place, seeing that we don't have any snow.

Anyway, I'm off to work! Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday! 


  1. Can you imagine the planning that went into that party....
    and the money....
    Lovely though


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