after the weekend. cozy at home.

First of all, I just wanted to say, thank-you. For each and every one of your sweet comments, and all your encouragement. I was able to rest up over the weekend, and took some much needed "me" time. I got a lot of knitting done, and a bit of sewing. I was able to just curl up on the couch with my fussy babe, watch a bunch of Bob Ross episodes and totally chill. Nice and cozy and just what I needed!
It was in the 40's over the weekend and it's going to warm up even more this coming week. Yesterday we took a little family stroll around the block, and it was soooo nice to see the sun and get some fresh air. Adri was so happy to be out, she kept laughing, which consequently made us keep laughing.
I can't  believe that it's the first of February in upstate New York, and not only do we not have snow, but it's so warm out too!
I posted some new items in my Shop. I found some super cute little egg cups recently. I don't know about you guys, but if you're anything like us, but egg cups used a lot around here.
Also, Julia is blogging again! She took a rather long, extended blogging break but now she's back at it, and even has a new post up. Now to get my mom to blogging again...

So now it's monday. The start of a new week. As usual we have laundry, dishes, maybe a walk (if it stops raining out there) and lots of books to read.

Have a wonderful day!

p.s that forth picture down? I never feel like a "crunchy" mama... then I make my own nursing pads, and all the sudden I feel like a total hippy ;)


  1. So glad you got a rest. :) Me time is great. Your little girl is so sweet ! Hope you're keeping warm! Christina

  2. Love all your pictures! Can't wait to read Julia's post and please encourage you Mom to start blogging again….I really miss her posts….. :)


  3. Hippy Rosie. Suits you! Glad you are feeling better. It is warm here in Northern Canada as well. Springy in winter boots! What is Julia's blog address?

  4. Love the scenes from your weekend and glad you got to recharge. Hope Posie-babe is feeling better.

    I will check out Julia's new post and yes! Let's get Mama back to posting! Miss her so much!

  5. I just love your photos and words. Beautiful life. Thank you for sharing. Glad you're feeling better. ❤️

  6. I think it's awesome that you make your nursing pads! When I had my babies, I worked a lot so everything I used was disposable. If I had babies now, I would make my own nursing pads and use cloth diapers. They're so much healthier and save so much money! By the way, I love the curtain hanging in your bathroom. Is the bottom edge of it hand embroidered?


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