Adri turns eight months old.

My baby turned eight months old yesterday! I know I say this every month, but every month it's true; time is flying by! I can't believe how big she is now, and how fast she is growing!

Anyway, at eight months Adri is:

+sitting up.
+crawling everywhere, and getting into E V E R Y T H I N G.
+she says "dadda" and "kitty"-no "mama" yet :(
+she's starting to eat big girl food now, just a little bit at night, at the table, when we are eating our dinner.
+she has a tooth! her bottom right one is slowly making it's way up and out.
+she loves to chase down the cats and "tackle" them.
+she is trying to stand by herself.
+she stands up against the couch and then just randomly turns and goes to walk off...sending mommy running over to her in a panic. 
+her favorite things are now her blocks, her teething rings, Baby Einstein movies, apple sauce (as far as food goes), reading books, and still, really long walks.

p.s. there's a new reading page link, at the top! 


  1. Oh boy! Sounds like the fun has begun!:) Christina

  2. They grow up in a wink. Such pretty little blue eyes

  3. She is so cute! It does not seem possible that she is 8 months! Time flies, momma!! Eat her up while she's little!



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