a teething day.

That was yesterday. You know. just one of those days. Unhappy, hurting, fussy babe. Very little sleep, and lots of cuddles. Baby Einstein and cold teething rings.

While the small one slept I read my current read, Fellowship of The Ring, drank tea, and watched episodes of About a Boy.
Now that my baby is more active and often on the move, the days that she wants to sit and snuggle with mama are not so frequent. All to say. I really treasure the sick/cuddling/snugly days all the more.
After a long afternoon nap and some medicine she perked up a bit, and gave mommy time to make Taco Soup for dinner (it was just the perfect day for a hearty soup!).
Now it's today. And she feels much better. And now you can see her new little toother for real, poking out right next to her first one.


  1. Awe poor babe. Get some rest. We like taco soup too. Christina

  2. Thanks, Christina. She is feeling much better now that her tooth is finally all the way through!


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