Snowy weekend.

Finally, after all these months we got real snow! Not just a dusting, not just an inch, but snow, real snow. It's like a winter wonderland outside. 

So, let's see...what's happened these past two days?
A trip to the thrift store (and I found a new sweater that I like so much I've been wearing for two days straight!), Adam and I went to see Star Wars (and we LOVED it), and then went out to Olive Garden for dinner afterwards. 
On Sunday Adri and I went to church, and then later on we went out shopping at the mall some of the older siblings. It was fun just hanging out for awhile with them :)
After Adri and I got home Adam made us twice baked potatoes and steak for dinner, and we had a nice cozy evening. 

Now, it's Monday. I have laundry to wash, this bread to make, soup to cook, a baby to bathe, and some knitting to work on.

Have a lovely day!


  1. It's nice to be able to pop in for a little visit now and then! Love this sweater. Envy you the snow. We're having a dust storm around here and I'd gladly trade it for rain, a thunderstorm, snow, or whatever.

  2. Oh everything is lovely,and so is the sweater! Keep warm! Christina

  3. Lots of snow up here and very cold. Love your picture with the baby. I never saw how much you and your sister Julia look alike until this picture.

  4. Some of my very favorite clothes have been found in thrift shops!! I like your sweater too!! Love the photos of the baby...she is very sweet appearing and looks like a very happy baby!!


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