Our New Years Eve, and a few resolutions.

First things first. Happy New Year! Wow. So, yup, we're now officially in 2016, and so far it's been amazing ;)

Today we had a girl outing. Just my mom, Julia, Adri and me. We went to the mall (Old Navy, Forever 21, Ann Taylor, J. Jill, etc.), got Chinese food for lunch, and stopped at Target. I got some tee shirts, and a couple cute (and much needed) pairs of yoga pants. 

Somebody is feeling much better now.


Last night we had a quiet little family celebration, just the three of us. We got a bunch of seafood (bacon wrapped scallops, seafood medley, calamari, shrimp), added some b.b.q wieners, pickles, cheese, and beer, and made a night of it. 
We almost lasted until twelve (#tiredparents). It was about eleven when we passed out! We got up this morning and started 2016 with mimosas ;)

I'm really looking forward to this coming year. Every year I make a little list of things I want to do/work on/plan for, and here is this year's (I'm aiming for simple, since than I'll be more likely to complete it!).
  • eat better (more green foods).
  • exercise at least once a day.
  • read more.
  • smile a lot.
  • laugh often.
  • bake bread once a week, and try a new bread recipe at least a couple times.
  • complete Adri's baby blanket.
  • finish all half-done sewing projects.
  • make pickles this year (I really want to learn how to make pickles).
  • start draw more often again.
  • journal more.
  • drink (lots) more water.

There you have it, Our past couple days. Now I'm looking forward to January, and things slowing down. Winter evenings, with snow, candlelight, tea, and a good book sounds just perfect right now, after the last two busy months.


  1. Looks wonderful, and sounds wonderful! I hope you have a great year with lots of blessings! Sweet little girlie! Christina

  2. Those things do sound nice after the busyness of the Holidays!

    Adri is ao cute.

    I wish you much joy in this coming year!


  3. happy new years to you and your family

  4. Sounds delightful and such beautiful pictures. All the best for this coming year.


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