it's the little things in life.

  • the sweet baby kisses.
  • cuddles on the couch.
  • warm, blankets.
  • frost patterns on the windows.
  • the smell of fresh baked bread.
  • sunlight patches.
  • kitties rubbing up against legs.
  • babies in wool sweaters.
  • smiles from a stranger.
  • plants on the windowsill.
  • comfy chairs.
  • warm mugs of coffee...or tea.
  • the sound of ocean waves.
  • happy music.
  • a hearty stew.
  • first snowfalls.
  • completed projects.
  • babies in the bath tub.
  • church on sunday morning.
  • the pitter patter of rain on the sidewalk.
  • a nice long talk with a good friend (especially if that friend is a sibling).
  • gin and tonics (forever and always my favorite drink).
  • my man a my babe, coming to visit me at work.
  • saturdays spent in p.js.
  • long rambles.
  • letters in the mail.
  • a good book, reading it all day long, and not wanting it to end.
  • wrapped in a loved one's arms, at the end of a long day.
  • steamy soaks in a tub of hot water...preferably with essential oils added.
  • tall trees.
  • early morning dance parties.
  • photos of your favorite people.
  • voices lifted in song.

it's all those things, the little things in life, that make it all worth living.

what are the little things that you're loving right now? 


  1. What a pure-perfection list. I love it so much. <3
    Coffee and Library Trips and Cuddles on the couch with all three of my kids at once is really getting me through the tough days... and making my good days even better. XO

  2. Love your list!!

    -the first real good snowfall after it's done
    -kitties purring
    -finishing a good book
    -finding a good new series on Netflix
    -finding the "perfect" card
    -getting cards in the mail


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