Christmas Gifts.

So now since Christmas is good and over, and all the gifts are given, I can show you some of the things I was busy working on all (most) of December!
  • 1. A wood burned sign for Elyse (my bother's girlfriend).
  • 2. Hat for a niece.
  • 3. Stuffed owl (for same niece).
  • 4. Adri made a little salt dough handprint for her Grandma (Adam's mom).
  • 5. Another sign, this time for Adam's parents.
  • 6. A stuffed owl for Adri.
Not pictured: more signs, two wall calendars I had made of Adri, for the grandparents. And a few other odds and ends. 
I had less handmade stuff this year, than in years past. I think mainly because I was so busy with the Wee One, and then also because I ended up finding some really good gifts to buy for folks this year!


  1. Home made is the best! Christina

  2. What a great idea - the saltdough handprint! I'm sure that will be a cherished gift!

  3. I hate it, but I've started to SORT of give up on handmades. :( Just with so many people in our family. BUUUUUTTTT, I did make some bird's nest necklaces this year for all my sister-in-laws! :) I also made some applebutter for hubby's coworkers and a few neighbors. :)

    Your gifts are LOVELY! :D


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