being real (the teething phase).

I hear so many people talking. Talking about how blogs, Facebook, Instagram, etc, can give such a "false" view of people's lives. And yes, if we are not careful, in some ways it can.
I choose to see it as more of "seeing the good instead of the bad". We all know life is not perfect, and things are messy. We all don't have perfect homes, and well behaved children. Made beds, and clean dishes. We all don't dress up in cute clothes (lets be honest, most don't even get out of yoga pants), and we definitely don't always eat homemade meals. 

Hopefully we all know that. 

However, since I choose to try and only show the positive side of my little world here, I've come to realize that there are things I don't always say, that could be said. And, in an effort to let you all have a little glimpse of behind the scenes, I'm saying this. 

This week has been hard. Mothering over all is hard, but this week was a very difficult one. My baby started teething for real. She was teething, unhappy, fussy. etc.  All she wanted was to nurse and have mama-24/7
Anyway. Enter me. It may come as a surprise to you that I'm an introvert (ISTP, for the myers briggs curious), and, as much as I love being around my loved ones, I need my down time, alone, to re-charge. 
Ha. Baby don't know that. 
So, in between a teething baby, tired mama, daddy working lots of overtime, no walks (due to cold and snow) and just middle of January blues, this was not an awesome week. In fact, it was a very long, and rather discouraging one. 

So, there it is. Behind everything clean, and homey, with cute pictures, that's the not-so-fantastic-side. 

On the upside, I know baby will get better, mama will get sleep. and the snow will melt away ;) Just wanted to share this and say, life is not always a bed of roses around here (despite what the photos may tell you), and this mom thing? Well, after this week, I think I feel like I finally officially joined the mama club ;)

p.s the Wee One did finally have a tooth pop through, a nice little pearly white one :)


  1. Oh rosie,I remember thoes days. Take heart,they too shall pass. Atoothalready? Wow,what a big girl!:) Keep your eyes focused onthe good,and on Him. Hugs,an infj.

  2. Thank you for keeping it real, mumma bear! :)

  3. Hangain there Rosie. It is tough and you will go through it over and over again. You are probably feeling the January blahs as well. I am 54, mom of many and this has been the first time but I too feel the blahs this year and no teething to both me. Hang in there, and yes being positive helps...a bit. And when not redecorate!

  4. That's real life for sure! Poor baby. I have several introverts in the family so I hear you about your need for some 'time.' I know you know but its only a season. Before long she'll have a full mouth of little chompers!

  5. I love seeing the good and the beautiful ... but it's nice to also see the struggles and how we work through them. That's beautiful too.
    January with a baby was always one of the hardest for me too. I miss the sunshine! Hope you are getting a little more rest

  6. I'm glad you felt you could be real about how hard mothering is. Teething is miserable for baby and for mommy too. I'm a grandmother now but remember those days well with my own children and now with my grandchildren also. Hang in there and nap when you can.

  7. Hello Rosie, I have been reading your blog for some years (yes, always lurking :-) ) but have loved it even more since you had your baby a couple of months before me. Mine is 4 months, but she has already got two teeth and yes I hear you. Teething hasn't been fun at all. My baby loves her teething ring (actually, it is a bear shape, so teething bear) made of natural rubber. She also loved chewing on bits of peeled carrot right from the fridge. Anyway, best of luck with the next couple of teeth!
    Cheers from Austria,

  8. Hello Rosie,

    Forgive me, but I think I fall into the lurker category. I love your blog and I used to read your mom's, too, I was "introduced" to them by Brenda at Coffee, Tea, and Me.

    I remember those days. Now, looking back, I fondly remember them.

    Thank you for being real. Your home is lovely.

    Mostly I wanted to share that I read the scripture on your sidebar this morning, Habakkuk 3:17-18, and you would not believe how timely a word that was for my family today. "Like apples of gold in settings of silver Is a word spoken in right circumstances." (Proverbs 25: 11 NASB)

    God bless you.

    Warm regards,


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