After the weekend: snapshots of life.

We went to Target over the weekend, and I brought home these finds! Can't wait to use the coloring book, and a new travel mug is always fun.

The last little bit Christmas that I left sitting out. Just a small mason jar of white lights, but still rather cheery and festive.

The library was giving away old issues of Mother Earth. Of course we had to bring a stack home.

Midget, just hangin' with Porkchop.

As usual we spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Maple bacon wrapped scallops, seafood chowder, french toast, and teriyaki marinated steaks {made by Adam}, and the best mashed potatoes.

I finally finished a project I've been wanting to do for awhile. A collage of Adri pictures. And I used an old window for a frame. Later today this is getting hung up in the kitchen.

My buddy. She's been teething like crazy (nothing's popped out yet), but still manages to smile all the time.

It's been frosty outside lately, and we woke up to a little bit of snow this morning!

baby in tub//washing laundry//putting away all the Christmas decorations//morning cuddle and smiles.
Now there's breakfast to make, sheets to change, baby to bathe, dinner to plan, and a whole lot of vacuuming to do.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. My mom bought me one of those coloring books for my birthday last year, and I have found it to be such a fun, relaxing activity. I use my daughter's gel pens when I color in it! Your little one is precious. I love how you used an old window pane to hold the collage!

  2. Your little one is growing so quickly!

  3. I always love your little snippets of the weekend. You have a sweet family and I appreciate your enjoyment of the little things in life...

  4. Hi Amy, I really can't claim to be the one who came up with the window frame idea, lol. It was actually something my mom thought of, and I stole the idea from her! ;)

  5. Debbie, I know! The time is going by so fast. She's already trying to stand up on her own!

  6. Awww, Kim, that's so sweet of you to say :) I love hearing positive feedback about blog posts, and it's super helpful when folks let me know what they like to hear about the most, since it gives me a better idea of what to blog about :)


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