after the weekend. church, shopping, books and snow.

It's morning, late morning in fact, for me, and although I am already up and drinking my morning coffee, the Wee One is not (this never happens). I'm quite sure that in only a matter of moments I'll hear her hollering for me from the other room...

So. Our weekend. Nice and laid back. We went to the local thrift store in town and got a bunch of books. Adam did a bunch of bookshelf cleaning/re-arranging. Adri and I went to church (Daddy stayed home and napped), then we all went out for a little shopping. Upon arriving back home I made us margaritas (and we pretended it wasn't 10 degrees outside), Adam put the groceries away, and cleaned the fridge (I love my man!) and then we made chicken pot pie together for dinner. We watched Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets, and I watched more episodes of Empire (current fav show).

Yeah, so all in all just a perfect lazy weekend. We went for a little drive on our way back from shopping and found a small lake community in our little town that we didn't even know about! Well, the real reason we found it was that we were looking for a house that was for sale, that we wanted to drive by, and said house was on said lake ;) 

Anyway, cutest little place ever! A beautiful lake, and lovely little houses! It's so much fun going out exploring and finding new places.

Now it's back to the beginning of the week. I've been working on a new wood burned sign for over our bed, and want to work on it some more today. There's also laundry to do, some dishes to wash, bed to make, and mail to check. And, always, more coffee to drink.

And for the Wee One (whenever she decides to wake) there's a bath, and stories to read, and EVERYTHING to get into (she can crawl like mad now) and she's finally getting a tooth (I felt just a tiny bit poking through last night, but it's there!)!!!!

Have a busy, productive, and wonderful Monday! 

{quesadillas, made while the younger siblings were over visiting the other day}


  1. Perfect weekend....anxious to see the wood burned sign, that sounds beautiful. Sweet daddy daughter picture, silly sounding but....thrift store shopping, books, meandering drive and cleaning out the fridge and organizing sounds like a simply wonderful weekend to me :)

  2. All sounds so very wonderful. The thrift store is the best place to find books....I bought some today for the kids and for me. I'll have to post a picture of them tomorrow on my blog. Your wee one is scrumptious! Happy Monday, Rosie. ~Shanda


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