Adri turns seven months old.

So, this past month was sure filled with a lot of Firsts for our little one! And boy, did she have fun. Really though, who wouldn't? All the lights, and gifts, and fun wrapping paper, and music, and, most of all, PEOPLE. People everywhere. And, not just any old people, but new people that she hadn't met before!

Our little Posie continues to be the joy of our lives. She can say two whole words now...Dadda and Kitty. She can crawl, and stand (with a little help), and can sit up by herself. Still no teeth though! I guess she's just taking her good ole' time. 

She loves her kitties, her new little seat, being outside, visiting mommy at the library (while mommy is working), reading, and her "milky" ;) Oh, and she loves sledding! 

Really, truly, the best things in life come in small packages.


  1. What a sweet blessing! They grow up before you can blink. Enjoy every moment. Christina

  2. Your wee Posie is adorable, and I am so glad that you are revelling in motherhood. My favourite - those little starfish hands:)

  3. She is really just so beautiful! Those eyes are just adorable! I'm sure you enjoy her immensely! My babies are so grown up...I miss this age! :)

  4. Precious Posie!

    What a gift to you and Adam!



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