trip to the tree farm.

Yep, so over the weekend we made our way to the tree farm and picked out our tree. It's a little small, and a bit spindly, but I'm pretty fond of our Charlie Brown tree. 
Anyways, Posie was SO excited. After we got there, we realized we needed more cash, so I ran to the ATM and Adam stayed to look at the trees with Adri. She was gently touching them all, and loved it. The weather was so warm, and the sun came out for a bit, and everything was perfect. 

I really love decorating the tree. The ornaments that I have used to belong to my Grandmother, on my dad'd side. When I was little, every year we would go over to her house at Christmastime, and I loved her tree. It always had white lights, and angels, and doves, and was so Victorian. Fast forward years later, and when she moved to a smaller place (and was going to have a much smaller tree each year) my Grandmother gave all her ornaments. 

Wow. I guess that was a little rabbit trail.

All to say, as much as I love Christmas and everything, still, my favorite part about it is decorating the tree :)  

Other than the tree decorating we took things easy this weekend. Saturday morning I introduced Tiny to Frosty, and she L O V E D it! She sat and watched it three times in a row, and still was upset when I took it out! I finished my last Christmas presents that I'm making, and hung a bunch more lights- I can never have too many twinkle lights.
On Sunday we had a lazy morning, and then Adam and I got busy and deep cleaned the house together. For dinner I made Butternut Squash Soup, and Loaded Cornbread (you know, the kind filled with onions, peppers, cheese, corn, and tomatoes?).  Then we watched A Christmas Story pt. 2, and it was just plain nice and cozy, and festive and all that goodness.

Now there's a busy week ahead! Adam has been working 55+ hours a week lately, and I have work, and grocery shopping, and the staff Christmas party at work, and then next weekend we need to make our way to the city and finish up the last of our shopping. Yeah, so anyway, like I said, really busy.


  1. its a lovely tree..memories for posie...
    have a great day.

  2. Beautiful tree,great memories from your childhood. I have some of my grams christmas things too. Great memories being made with your little one.:) You guys sound busy. Try to squeeze some time in for relaxing. Keep warm! Christina

  3. Christina, that's so nice that you have some of your Grandmother's things too :) We have been busy, but now we're half-way though the week and the end is in sight! lol


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