Summing up 2015.

Okay, so here we go. A little re-cap on all that's happened, here on the blog (and therefore in our life) this past year...

January 2015

Remember January? I don't ;) No, really, all I remember was being really, really baby sick. And I was working a lot (it was when I was still working two jobs), and was morning sick...and afternoon sick..and night get the picture. Anyways, it was really cold then, we pretty much lived inside, playing Scrabble and staying warm. 
The highlight of that month was finding out that our little baby was a girl, and being able to start calling her by her name! 

February 2015


awwww, in February Adam started his new job, my belly was starting to pop out just a teeny bit more, I was only working one job, we still had LOADS of snow, and it was still freezing cold (the first picture pretty much sums up how I felt about the weather at that point...). Oh, and we took a little trip to visit Adam's family that month too!

March 2015

March had more snow, and a bit more sunshine. Lots of doctor's appointments, and another sonogram-- look at that cute baby girl! I stopped working altogether around the middle of the month. We got a bunch of new fishies for the tanks. And by the end of the month were pretty sick and tired of all the cold and snow.

At the beginning of the month we took a little trip about an hour away to spend the weekend, with just the two of us (the last one for a long time!).

April 2015

April started with Easter, all month I was nesting like crazy, my dear mother-in-law-to-be threw a lovely baby shower for us, I got all ready for baby...washing diapers, and setting stuff up. At the end of the month we celebrated our 1st anniversary :)

May 2015

 Oh, May! Pretty much I just sat around 9 months pregnant, waiting to have a baby. My siblings threw me a baby shower, and I did a bit of gardening up at my mom and dad's place. We had our Memorial Day picnic at Wesley and Claire's, and our town had it's parade. My due date was the 31st, so all weekend I was so sure that Adri would arrive any time!

June 2015

Our Tiny little bundle of joy showed up on June 1st and that pretty much sums up the month of, baby, baby. Oh, with Father's Day thrown in for good measure! 

July 2015

In July Adri turned 1 month old, we took her "swimming" for the first time, we celebrated the 4th of July, and still laid low and close to home with our Midget.

August 2015

August was busy, busy. We went on a little trip to New Hampshire for the weekend, Adri started rolling over, we went to the pet store a few times more than we should have, got a new kitty, and Adam's brother got married!

September 2015

Hot, hot, hot. That's all I have to say about September.  We celebrated Labor Day, went swimming,  and moved down the hall to a much bigger apartment. 

October 2015.

October was all about hiking, and pumpkins, and trips to the corn maze. Oh, and Halloween!

November 2015

Oh, look, it's Guy Fawks's Day, and visiting, and things getting colder. Julia and I went and saw Mockingjay 2 in the theaters. We celebrated  Thanksgiving, and took a family picture. snow yet (and everyone in Upstate New York was so happy...).

December 2015

December. This past month has been filled to the tip top with so much.  We got our tree, spent a lot of time getting ready for Christmas, took a few hikes, went up to Vermont/New York to celebrate Christmas, saw lots of family and friends, and ( the most exciting thing for me) my man asked me to marry him! 
December was also filled with a lot of Firsts for Adri. First tree cutting, first snow, first Christmas, and even her first trip to the Emergency Room!

Wow. Now that I look over it, that is a lot to pack into one year. If the next coming years are anything like this one, I'd say we have a pretty busy life together ahead of us!

Now we are getting ready to welcome the New Year in. Just a quiet little party at home with our little family of three. We're going to get some seafood, drink some bubbly, watch a few movies, and wait for 2016 to arrive :)

{previous years: 2012 and 2014.}


  1. Great year! :) Congrats on your engagement!

  2. So happy to hear you will be married...and the baby is darling!!

  3. Beautiful year...I've quietly followed along through your wonderful blog. Congratulations to you both! <3

  4. I make a Shutterfly photo book at the close of each year, and, I too, am always amazed at all that we did in that year's time! Your photos are very cozy!


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