So Festive.

Oh my, oh my, oh my. Things are busy, busy, busy! Lots happening around here.
I've been working on Christmas gifts like crazy. I'm about done with making everything, but I still need to go to the store and get wrapping paper and such.
Good news is that I already have all our Christmas cards sent out! Yes, even I am impressed by myself ;)

The poor lil' Midget has a cold, well, not just her, I have it too. So I've been taking plenty of time out to cuddle on the couch with her and snuggle. And, of course, as soon as she has a cold she has to go to her six month dr.s appointment. Figures. Ah, well, I guess I'll get to find out her weight though ;)

Everything around The Loft is all decorated, but we don't have our tree yet. That's going to happen on Saturday. Every year our town has it's holiday festivities. Complete with a gingerbread house competition, horse drawn carriage rides, storytime with Mrs. Claus, visits with Santa, and the town tree lighting. So, that what we'll be up to this weekend.

So, below there are pictures of projects, Adri's holiday outfits, Christmas stories,a lazy kitty cat, more projects, my new terrarium that Adam set up for me, our Nativity, good cookbooks, and the best tea.


  1. Lovely! :) I wish my camera was working better or my card reader or whatever is the problem, as I miss getting daily type photos like this! That's what I love about your blog sooo much...the beauty found in everyday life! :)

    Merry Christmas early!

  2. Your nativity!! It's the same one I have!! My Mom said she painted it back when she was in school....I've never seen another one just like it. Where is yours from!?!!?

  3. All te little goodies! What a great little town! Sorry bout the munchkin and you. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. I spy Max! Would you believe I sometimes watch Max and Ruby when it is on in the afternoon? My daughter says she understands why it relaxes me and I love it... vintage house, bossy older sister, little brother getting into trouble... sounds like home once did!

  5. Hi Brenda! can you believe I've never watched Max? nope, just read the books! I'll have to fix that pronto ;) ox

  6. Hi Amy, ohhh, I feel for you! I don't know what I'd do without my camera! My phone camera is actually really awesome, but it's still not the same thing.

  7. Diane, I've never seen one like it either! We got it for a dollar at a yard sale over the summer. we saw it and both said, "that's our Nativity!" lol

  8. Thanks, Christina! We are both well on the mend, and the Midget seems to be felling WAY better now :)


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