merry and bright.

Hey there! Things are still busy here, but guess what? I've got almost all my shopping done! Yay! Then there is just wrapping, and after that I can go ahead on all the holiday baking.
The Small Person is still getting bigger every day. She is crawling now, for real, and that keeps me chasing after her all the time!
We still don't have snow.This might be the first Green Christmas that we've had since moving to New York eight years ago! Crazy, right?
Soooo, today I'm doing about four loads of laundry, and trying to get it all caught up. Tonight I have my staff Christmas party for work, and over the weekend I have work, we have to last of the Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, lots of wrapping, and church. So, things don't appear to be slowing up anytime soon.

Have a happy Friday, and wonderful weekend!


  1. We are so mild here too! Mid 60's in December! Crazy!

    I hope you have a delightful Christmas!


  2. Love all your cozy and beautiful pictures! Love the records on the wall with stars.:) have a great weekend! Christina


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