Link list//ready for the weekend.

{photo from Jan. 2015}

Hey there. It's Friday again, and I'm back with some neat links from around the web!

The next few days coming up are going to be the busiest ones for us. Tomorrow Julia is hosting a Christmas party at her place, and, since we aren't celebrating Christmas with my family, we are going to exchange gifts then. On Sunday the little sisters are singing in the Christmas Pageant, and then after church Adam and I are going out to do some last-minute shopping.
 The beginning of the week we are both working and then on Christmas Eve we drive up to Vermont to spend a few days and celebrate with Adam's family (we are super excited about seeing everyone, and showing off our little Midget!).
And, at some point over the weekend, Adam is going to put my new drying rack, From Homestead Store, together for me. I'm not sure if I should be SO excited about a new drying rack, but I definitely am!
Also, I found this book on  the shelf at work the other night. It's got some pretty good ideas, and quick crafts in it. Perfect for last minute decorating.
So, yeah, super busy days.

On anther note. We STILL don't have snow, and it's (relatively) warm here. For the first time in eight years we're going to see a white Christmas! Instead of not going for our daily walks because of the snow, it's the rain that's been getting in the way. And that's totally fine with me ;)

Anyway, here are the links...have a wonderful weekend!

French toast sticks? Yes, please. I'm making these over the weekend, for sure.

32 Tips On Becoming A Minimalist. I think any one of us could always use a good de-cluttering.

Nightly Routines Of Successful Women. I found this very interesting, and has a few helpful tips.

100 Things To Do Before You Die. I'm not quite sure if I want to do all of these, but some of them are definitely a must on life's bucket list.

50 Clever DIY Projects To Organize Your Life. Some really good ideas here!

Running out of last-minute gift ideas for any special men you know? Try a Man Crate (yeah, it's a bit pricey, but these are sooooo neat!).


  1. Oh so much fun going on there! I hope you have a great time,and stay warm!:) that book and minimalist website look great! Christina

  2. I'm so glad the rack arrived safe and sound! It took quite the round trip - haha!
    Blessings, Kristy


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