I love giving presents, and I really make an effort to make most of my gifts each year. Our family tries to keep Christmas simple, and more about the people and less about the stuff. This year we decided that all of us older kids would draw names, so instead of each person having 10+ people to get gifts for, we only have a one person each (plus mom and dad, and little kids). I think so far everyone is liking the plan, and says it's making everything much more laid back and meaningful.

That said. Everything is now made, or bought, and all wrapped! I usually get lots of bright red wrapping paper, but this year I tried something a bit different and went with mostly all silver and gold-and I love it!

The Wee One is fascinated by all the lights and absolutely loves the tree. She sits, talks to it, and laughs at it. Truly, babies at Christmastime are the best!

p.s I found her little red Hanna Andersson dress at a thrift store for only a dollar!

I put the Christmas Pickle on the tree. I love that tradition and I can't wait until the Wee One is bigger (and we have some more littles), to start it.

I saw this little idea on Pinterest, and thought it was a super cute. A wall tree for Adri. It has mainly homemade ornaments on it, and just right for a Tiny Person.


  1. It all looks so pretty! It doesn't seem that long ago that my daughter was a baby admiring the tree and she just turned 38! Kids grow up so fast.

    She and I were texting back and forth yesterday. Her husband had left for a business trip so after church, she surprised their five kids by taking them to Cracker Barrel for a lunch time breakfast. We have had a family tradition of going to breakfast at C. B. when it was all decorated for Christmas and thought they would enjoy it. She said they had a wonderful time... and didn't have to do the dishes!

  2. Oh how great! Yes, that sounds much more relaxed! Pretty tree, cute outfot,and a great bargain for only a dollar! Very interesting wall tree! What a neat idea!:) Christina

  3. Hi Brenda! I've never been to Cracker Barrel, but I've heard such good things about it, I know I really should try it out! That's so great that your daughter took all five kids out by herself! :) ox

  4. Hi Christina! We've been adding more little ornaments to the wall tree each day! I wish I knew for sure where I saw the idea (somewhere on Pinterest but I didn't save it :( )


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